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Hostel Beirut is structured as an NGO which was founded in 2014. Β The proceeds go towards educational projects we organize for young refugees in Lebanon. For more pictures follow us on Facebook and Instagram. πŸ™‚



6 comments on “About us
  1. Ali the Great says:

    Amazing idea πŸ™‚
    my only comment is that Beirut is in a real need for such a thing ..
    wish the best for this business


  2. La reine en arab says:

    What a Nice place! Quiet neighborhood during the day, amazing weekly party to dance and having fun with your or new friends from the hostel.
    It’s a place for an internatinal exchange. I was always welcome at that place and it’s always relaxing in their beautiful terrass. People of the Hostel are very very nice.
    I just want to tell you thank you.

    Hostel Beirut rocks !!

  3. Kelly Hicks says:

    Hi Kristian,

    Congratulations! This looks like a great place and has gotten excellent reviews! I also love the NGO aspect of your hostel and scholarships to refugees. Im interested to work with refugees for a couple of months in early fall. Would this be a good spot for buses, walking, etc?

    Best wishes,
    Kelly Hicks

    • Hostelbeirut@gmail.com says:

      Hi Kelly,
      Beirut is an excellent place no matter how you see it. Lot’s of thing can be approved on like public transportation, green initiatives etc. but the overall charm of the country and the people make up for it. If you are interested in working with refugees there are a lot of NGO’s here. Right now Hostel Beirut are having two projects, one which create jobs for refugees without any skills. You can read about that under our volunteer section.
      Kindest regards, Kristian

  4. interesting.
    we knew about your hostel from a staff member that was staying with you ans she just described your place with so much similarity to our hostel in ramallah in palestine check our facebook hostel in ramallah we gave this name because we are the first hostel in the city so we do share lots of similarities.
    please contact us we like to network with your hostel.

    chris alami

  5. Hostel Beirut is probably one of the most charming places to stay in Beirut. With its affordable prices hostel has nice, friendly, cosy, interesting and charming atmosphere. We stayed there for a week and it was amazing mostly because we met a lot of interesting people at swimming pool and balcony. I hope to visit u soon again!

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