26/5 -2017
Hostel Beirut focuses mainly on helping vulnerable young refugees, teenagers and kids mostly, through educational projects, programs and classes of all kinds (sports, language, dance, arts, music) for which we are constantly looking for volunteers. No professional skills required. Please email us to hostelbeirut@gmail.com for more information.

Hostel Beirut is a government-approved NGO based in Beirut, Lebanon. Our goal is to attract entrepreneurs and volunteers from abroad to build programs to assist the refugee population. We believe in the power of immigrants and newcomers to bring disruptive solutions to problems, and our goal is to connect the vulnerable populations with innovators who could positively impact their lives.

Where does the volunteering take place?

Workshops and classes take place in the NajdaNow Educational Center in Shatila, a refugee neighborhood in Beirut. Hostel Beirut collaborates with the Syrian Humanitarian Relief and Development Institute NajdaNow International which was founded in 2011 as a foundation of public service and carries a message to relief those affected by crises and disasters, howsoever caused, specifically in the current situation of the Syrian communities. Najda Now’s work is based on a sustainable development plan, which means that beneficiaries can become self-reliant, rather than depending on their foundation or any other NGO. In addition, the foundation focuses on education, eradicating illiteracy, and vocational training; it is also concerned about child protection, care. www.najda-now.net








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